Chapter 1 – Starting Up – Trying to become an entrepreneur


“The most important asset you have when “Starting Up” is yourself. Your ideas, products, services, investment and business plans and research follows after, but your most valuable asset for your business at start-up is yourself”. This chapter focuses on some of the crucial mistakes I made during my initial years as a startup and I share this lessons so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes. We can learn and grow faster is the information we receive is precise and if we focus on doing the right thing. in other words, I am trying to say that being on time to a wrong destination doesn’t mean you are where you are supposed to be.



This book was inspired by my journey in trying to become an entrepreneur and in trying to grow my business. I meet lot of people who want to start their own businesses and don’t know how. I also meet lot of people who had businesses but was forced to seek employment in order to survive and almost all this people wish they had what I have to commit to my business and continue with the business no matter how hard it is and the challenges. I write this book with the hope that my experience and knowledge of business can help you learn a few things about running a business and avoid a few basic mistakes I made.

I write this book to provide lessons and experiences I’ve had in my business journey over the past 5 years. I share the mistakes, lessons and successes I had since I started. This book is for people already in business, who aren’t in business but want to start their own and for those people who have been in and out of business. I wrote this book in chapters like any book that exists, however this book is a little different. Instead of publishing the entire book with many chapters in it, this book is published in chapters and each chapter will be published separately. I chose to do this because I believe that books should be current and up to date, especially during the publishing date. I believe books nowadays should offer the past and current knowledge, lessons and experiences. At the end, this chapters will be combined in one book and published as one. The introduction and prefaces and other information included in traditional books will be in the final book release.


Written and edited by Collen P. Lepulana
Inspired by the desire to live a financially free life.



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