Chapter 2 – Focus – Starting Up


Chapter 2 of Starting Up (Focus), Emphasis on your ability to develop the discipline and skill to grow your business. There are certain practices in business that will hinder your and your business from growing. growing a business has plenty to do with self development that product distribution. Chapter 2 of Starting Up will help you focus on the significant things that will aid grow your business. The information contained herein is the experiences and lessons of what MR. PC Lepulana has had to go through.



“You can only connect the dots looking backward” Steve Jobs

Have you ever been told that you could be in the wrong business?  How do you know when you are in the right business and how do you know if your business will succeed? Can you tell if you are following the right path to where you want to be? Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple once said: “You can only connect the dots looking backward”. This is so true for me; when I started the second company I had set a few goals I wanted to achieve in a period of 5 years and in the midst of all my frustrations, financial struggles, and stressful days and nights, I did not take the time to look around and reflect on what I have achieved at that moment. Looking back now, I believe I did not set my goals properly. I simply decided that in 5 years this is where I should be. I never wrote my goals down. I never set a plan on how to go about achieving these goals. I did not set a time frame for each of my goals. What I had in mind was what I wanted to have in 5 years and so that is how the last 5 years has been like. Not giving up on the business was one of the goals I set for myself. This is the goal I wanted to achieve every day. When I look back at all the goals I set 5 years ago, I have achieved all of them and the funny thing is I did not see it coming; I did not have that checkpoint where I look and say, I am about to hit my target. Everything was clear when I looked backward. Looking back and now that I have achieved my initial goals, I realize how low I set my targets. Back then they may have been big goals but now that I am looking back I realize that the target was too small. I wonder if this is the feeling I will get when my companies are as big as I want them to be. I’d hate to be disappointed when I get to the top of the mountain. It has been a difficult climb. It still is a difficult climb. I only hope it will be all worth it when I get to the top.

This chapter will center around planning and staying focus and I will touch base on how to ensure that every minute you spend working in your business, is the minute that brings income. I will talk about what usually happens when you begin to get an income and how to deal with the difficult situation you could be in. I will also address the things that pulled me back in my quest to become a successful entrepreneur I want to be and I will point out the things that allowed me to move forward and ensure that there is growth in my business. I mentioned in chapter one that I went into business for 2 reasons; which are to help people and to become rich. I have enjoyed helping people over the years and wish to help even more people and while I have not yet become rich, there’s one thing I did not mention which is of great benefit for me; and that is the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur. Even though this can be a disadvantage for a start-up; especially the ones going into business for the first time. The freedom is so great and I believe that any entrepreneur who does not appreciate this freedom is trapped in their entrepreneurial journey.

Written and edited by Collen P. Lepulana


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